How To Get the Most out of your next Conference

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Article by: Simply Vika  |  Author, Music Creator

Article by: Simply Vika | Author, Music Creator

VQS Advice Blog | Mindset tools for creators

There you are. Sitting on the bench. Waiting. Checking your social media. Waiting. No, you’re not creepy. Perhaps you’re just an awkward conference attendee. 3 more business cards left in your pocket, and you’re out. Ouch! That was last time. That won’t happen again because here’s our:

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Conference

1. Your Introduction

Prepare your “elevator pitch” – when meeting someone at such big events, you can’t talk about yourself for 5 minutes telling the person your life story (leave it for Wikipedia or your website). You have exactly 15 seconds to let this person decide whether they are going to remember you or not. Start practicing in the car or in the bathroom. I promise, you’ll improve.

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2. Sponsorships

Check on sponsors that you would like to get in touch with – Even if you don’t want to buy or sign up, some new companies may look for artists to endorse, and this is a great place to let those companies meet you in person. It’s a great idea to contact them via email before the event and then, introduce yourself in person afterwards. Just make sure you bring them value.

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3. Perform

Inquire about performing at the event ahead of time. Wait! Even during the conference too. There can be downtime or “no shows”.  There are usually plenty of opportunities for performing, even if it’s just a couple of songs. Get involved with other artists, brands, and people who are at the event. You never know who can spot you. What will it cost you if you didn’t ask? 

4. Business Cards

This one often gets overlooked. But it’s very important today. Make business cards. Many people will give you their Instagram or phone number, but most likely, the more serious will hand you their business card and will ask for yours. Giving someone your business card is still one of the most professional ways to give a person all the information they need about you for the future. Make sure to include your contact, your web/socials (to show your work) and a quick definition of who you are (singer-songwriter, publicist/music attorney) 

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5. Products & Services

Check out the merch that you may be interested in – In many of these conferences you will find companies that are showcasing their products. Many times you can get a great deal as an early bird exclusive. From new equipment to software subscription discounts, training programs, and more. 

How will you use these ideas when attending your next conference? I’d love to hear from you.

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Article by: Vika

Article by: Vika

VQS ADVICE blog | Mindset tools for creators

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