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Carley Returns with “Going Under”

Singer songwriter UK acoustic musician carley varley

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Carley graces us with strong melodies and irresistible energy! “Going Under” is catchy with fun paced production! Even though this song is about not being able to make it, the energy portrayed gives us hope and courage. I think what Carley has found is a unique sound and style. In an age where artists are seemingly similar to the trends, Carley is standing on the edge of originality….and that is inspiring. 

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Hi Carley, welcome to VQS!
Tell us a little bit about you and your music.

My name is Carley Varley and I’m a musician based in United Kingdom. I’m a pop artist, I love writing songs that people can relate to and that are also catchy and get stuck in your head.

Performing from 2017, I’ve  gone from busking to performing in venues across England. I’ve performed at festivals such as Bournemouth 7’s, Poole Harbour Festival, Dogstival and many more. I released my first single in 2019, Wont Say Sorry and I’m now releasing my next EP Seasons with the lead single ‘Going Under.’

Singer songwriter UK acoustic musician carley varley

Congrats on the release! What was your inspiration for this new single?

In 2020, everything locked down due to Covid and this brought a lot of anxiety to everyone. I myself lost all of my gigs, my wedding was cancelled and I was honestly so upset and lacked all motivation.

I wrote Going Under whilst in this place about the anxiety I felt and the song really helped me to express my feelings.

singer-songwriter acoustic indie folk Carley varley 2

What lessons would you like to impart to your audience?

I would like to teach people that it’s okay to feel low with this song. It’s okay to feel low and its okay to embrace this feeling, I made the song upbeat with deep lyrics for this purpose. So people could dance away to this song whilst venting their feelings.

What is your favorite part of this song?

The breakdown bridge, the guitar parts and just how pop it is! I love the lyrics and in honesty I feel its my best song so far!

Anything else we should know about it? Future releases? Upcoming events?

My Seasons EP will be released in October and I’m continuing to release covers and release CVTV and CVLOG on Youtube which get viewers getting to know me and giving advice to musicians.

Going Under

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