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Inanna, the queen of environmentalist music, has had a productive year, releasing a string of hypnotic songs in her original brand of ethno-futuristic eco-pop.

She reinvents eco-music, merging her passion for nature and animals, ancient Middle Eastern rhythms and a futuristic style.

A double release of song and video for Earth Day makes Inanna’s fiery new single Change a strong statement with an irresistible appeal. Written and composed by Inanna herself, produced by Joshua F. Williams and mastered by Scott E. Olivier. This piece recasts Inanna’s signature elements – futuristic soundscapes and Middle-Eastern touches – into a robust hit format.

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As the opening beats break into distorted radio transmissions and static, a riff of chiming strings seems to signal the coming of something or someone. Inanna’s alluring voice draws us into the verses, which for all their energy feel like a calm before a storm, breaking out in the explosive and catchy refrain.
The song, speaking from the voice of the youth standing up for planet Earth, elegantly sets forth an uncompromising demand for change and a protest against inaction, in the face of the harm we cause to our planet and fellow earthlings.

The hopeful and allegorical music video – directed by Alex Bordoni – further broadens the grand topic, with a dramatic and spirited fantasy of a new beginning at the brink of disaster: we follow a lost boy in a dusty wasteland, dragging his carriage of found objects, scraps of a lost civilization – perhaps ours. As he reaches the open desert plains, he meets Inanna as a messenger from the outer worlds, visiting Earth with a warning – and a gift.
Inanna, figuring alternately as visiting queen, militant protester and a grief-stricken witness, perfectly matches the imaging with the music, which deploys exotic elements of pyramid-pop, playing on ancient rhythms, temple atmospheres and a monumental mystique – combined with staunch, punchy beats. Spanning from admonitions to hope, “Change” is a monumental video – and a song which captures our moment in time, and sticks in our heads.

Behind the playful mythological trappings of the video is our very real planetary drama. With her captivating call-to-action, Inanna plays it for real, fusing catchy charm and activist passion in a one-of-a-kind hit.
Signaling a turn toward the darker and more oracle-like side of Inanna, “Change” will be followed by a collaborative project with Digital 21 and Stefan Olsdal of Placebo, and more eco-pop songs are on the way.
Music – and the arts in general – is one of the most powerful tools to promote cultural change, and Inanna has taken this seriously. In a time when everything is at stake, Inanna takes a clear stand and makes of activist music a new engaging, inviting, powerful realm.


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photo credits: Tim Rosales

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