Josephine Leffner

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Josephine Leffner

Actor • Writer • Improviser • Singer • Dancer

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Josephine Leffner is a Hapa (half Filipina and half Caucasian) performing and creative artist who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area of California (and who currently lives in Los Angeles). She loves heart-centered storytelling with musical and magical realism elements. She enjoys playing controlling characters that try to keep it all together with a smile while things are falling apart.

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She was selected for the 2019 NBC Universal Second City Hollywood Bob Curry Fellowship of emerging comedic actors. She has her MFA in Musical Theatre and is a graduate of The Second City Hollywood Conservatory.

She is a member of the 3-woman sketch team Hapalarious, representing the mixed Asian and Pacific Islander lifestyle, a member of the Asian American sketch team No Shoes Allowed, and co-creator of the sketch and improv team Diversity Higher Comedy.

When Josephine’s not acting, she is often cooking, baking, sewing, and crafting for her friends and family. She is a domestic goddess who is known to make beautiful custom-designed birthday cakes, costumes for small dogs and children, and who likes to Mod-Podge many fanciful things.

She loves helping people achieve their goals and dreams, which she does on a daily basis through her interactions and acting coaching.

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