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Los Angeles based, singer-songwriter, Kimberly Lee started singing at the young age of 5. She credits 1971 Tapestry Album by Carole King to influence & inspire her passion for singing.

I used to sing along to Tapestry lyrics which were on the back of the Album” over & over….Since then, she began her love of Jazz after seeing the 1972 Movie about legendary Jazz Singer, Billie Holiday played by Living Legend, Diana Ross when she was 12 years old.

Ever since, she’s been influenced by everyone from Streisand to the Eagles. Her passion is creating music for Film/TV, recording and captivating audiences with her charismatic & dynamic stage presence through live performances. She’s particularly passionate about her current “Ukulele Sessions V 1” project where she gets to interpret the classics that shaped & inspired her musically. 


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