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“Morissette just makes you freeze, and melt and go on fire”- Philip 

How can you express your emotions as a singer with you vocal capability? How important is vocal dynamics to deliver a message in a song and tell a story? To become a professional singer being at the top of your craft is the most important thing. Range, dynamics, and stage presence are huge part of storytelling to connect with your audience. Music Producer Philip and Vocal Coach Lee Lontoc react to Morrissette Amon performance “Never Enough” where she showcases her vocal abilities. The best ways to learn how to sing is consistency, taking lessons and but most important, listening. This is the episode where we will be listening and studying Morrissette. Learn about her belting technique, falsetto, switching registers with consistency, vocal compression and much more. Her voice will take you to a journey. 
Learn from the best and own your niche. If you want to improve your high notes and performance “React with Philip” is a show where we listen to singers and react to learn from the best. Subscribe to the channel to discover new talent each week. 


1. Morissette just makes you freeze, and melt and go on fire, all at the same time.
2. “This song tests the artist emotional capability; the debt from the bottom all the way up to the top and this is where Morissette really shines”.
3. “This is a very difficult song to be singing and is very well known because it came out of The Greatest Showman. Her version is unique and powerful and is as authentic as you’re going to get out of the original”. – Lee Lontoc
4. “Great control”- Lee Lontonc
5. I am very impressed with Morrissette she is someone very special.
6. What I like about Morrissette is her charisma, her smile, belting, storytelling, from the beginning very soft, taking us to the mountain top.
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