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Singing with Intent: Telling Powerful Stories
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“You must face the truth and break the cycle of chaos for your own healing.” – Suzen

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Los Angeles based songstress and artist Suzen’s vocals capture vulnerability and emotional storytelling that resonate with the heart in her live performances and music.

Suzen, thank you for joining us at VQS today. What core values do to believe are necessary for success?

I believe in a growth mindset, consistency and patience when it comes to your success. Build a clear vision and build a positive environment around you that will encourage growth.
The journey will not be perfect or easy but if you truly stay focused it will be worth it. Enjoy the process and learn from mistakes. Lastly, where you don’t see a path take it upon yourself to create one. Stay innovative in your field.

What future opportunities would you like to be involved with?

Future goals include partnering with Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify as a featured artist. I would also love to truly do a world tour and play major festivals. The goal is to spread as much soul music as possible to as many people.
To play music to promote healing through community and share art. Aside from shows I would also love to partner with charities such as My Friend’s Place and Hospice to share music with young adults and families. Whether it is a show or workshop for music.

Congrats on your new label, Sun Soul Records. How did it come about? 

Sun Soul Records is built for both the artist and fans in mind…for people who crave good ole’ fashion soul music. It was born from the desire to create a better platform for playing live shows for artists in Los Angeles.
As artists we invest so much into our craft and truly just want to connect to fans. After playing the live LA scene for a few years and learning what I loved and didn’t love so much about it, I decided to produce and curate beautiful nights for live shows.
A warm environment, clear and beautiful sound systems to showcase the talent that LA has to offer, a gorgeous stage and comfortable seating area for fans to truly engage and tune into to the music.

There is nothing like a live show, no stronger connection than the present and to be able to help contribute to building a platform where stories can be told is most important to me.


What are the benefits for artists?

Playing a show with Sun Soul Records means you get full exposure and a unique opportunity to perform in an intimate setting to a crowd of 60 to 80 people. Even though it’s about playing live we also understand that artists need to continue to build their online presence in a modern industry.
We will provide footage from the show that can be posted and you will be featured on our YouTube channel so that fans can continue to watch and follow your journey. Artists will also do a quick Q&A interview that will be featured on our instagram.
For fans it means you get the live show, the online presence to watch it again and all the links to follow your favorite new artist.
Suzen has worked with VisionQuest Sound, Real Songs, Writer’s Block LA, A Mighty Lamb, LA Weekly, The Mint, Space 1520 & Urban Outfitters, Frielich Arts, Peppermint Club, Hotel Cafe, VoyageLA, and more.
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Singing with Intent: Telling Powerful Stories


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