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Vealy in the studio

“I know this pain will turn to beauty. Nothing worth it ever comes from being easy.” – Vealy

Vealy is an LA based singer-songwriter from the Philippines. She has been singing since before she could start reading lyrics! Growing up, she loved singing Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross…basically everyone her grandma loved listening to.
She watched all the singing shows and later competed in local talent shows. She moved to the United States in 2013 at age 17. She then went to college for nursing in Chicago, but quickly realized she had a passion for performing, singing and writing songs. She had acting, music improv, voice lessons and rehearsals for musicals on top of her nursing classes.
Vealy became a registered nurse at age 20, worked in the ER for an entire year; doing open mics, writing songs and singing on the side. She even joined a Chicago singing competition, and made it to the top 5. She finally mustered the courage to quit nursing and follow her heart.
Here she is in Los Angeles, a full-time musician— writing original music, performing in local shows, even busking sometimes with her keyboard on Melrose Ave.

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Vealy, thank you for joining us at VQS today. What core values do you believe are necessary for success?

I’ve discovered recently that confidence is absolutely essential for success. Every action that’s done is done with surety and drive. And I’m talking about real confidence here, the kind that you can accept when you’re wrong and open to hearing about other people’s views– not the kind of confidence that’s more ego-driven, where you think all your ideas are wonderful and everyone else’s is subpar to yours. Real confidence is number one. Number two would be resilience. As older humans, we’ve probably figured out that achieving our life goals doesn’t come easy. It’s natural to encounter setbacks, many of them! It takes a resilient person to keep standing back up after falling.

What future opportunities would you like to be involved with?

I would LOVE to open for an artist I adore. Opening for Maggie Rogers, for MILCK. Currently, I’m in love with Ashe’s music– I wouldn’t mind if she asked me to open for her! I also would love to have a mentor who could enlighten the world of TV and movie sync!

What advice can you give to the emerging independent artist today?

Know what you like. Know what you want. Be honest about those things. Be honest with yourself. GO GET IT!
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