Quarantine Advice

Embracing Chaos and Silence

As artists, we don’t normally think in perfect parallel lines so giving ourselves a chance to untangle all the thoughts may bring clarity. What story are you really telling yourself today?

Smart Money Management For Artists

Really? Money management strategies for musicians? How do you turn a starving artist into a thriving musician?

5 Secrets To Ear Training

As a musician, you want those golden ears, so when you hear a song on Spotify or YouTube, you can immediately hear all the parts and notes of the song.

the quarantine challenge Steven Buckner indie musician advice and career strategy

The Quarantine Challenge

Quarantine sessions may extend longer than predicted. As artists and creators, new opportunities are emerging for us. The world pandemic is bringing us to a new angle: quarantine confessions. What if…?

Rising Above the Ashes of Uncertainty

How are you facing the world today? Life can be like ocean waves, we rise and fall. There’s wins and there’s losses. We don’t always know when. It may never get easier. But one thing’s for sure, we can get stronger.

Where Has My Inspiration Gone?

We were blindsided by a global pandemic that has rendered most feeling useless. Where will we find inspiration now? How can we create?

10 Steps To Get Through Quarantine

Two months ago, life was different. I had a plan, and everything was moving forward. Suddenly, an invisible enemy took over. Now, days in quarantine are downright painful. Life may not get any easier, but one things for sure, we can get stronger.

How To Thrive In Quarantine

Hey, you! Yes, you. The one sitting in the middle of a pandemic that no one in the 21st century anticipated impacting first world America – the country where most of us grew up believing you could be literally anything you put your mind to. And that’s what you did. You’re a musician…


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