EP: 22 What We Learned In Quarantine

Episode 22: What We Learned In Quarantine

How are you reacting to the world’s condition? In this episode, we explore how artists, creators and small businesses can make new discoveries and real connections despite the Covid-19 lockdown. VQS host, Philip talks to CJ Lewis (Mackie) and Jason Hanan (Pro Audio LA). Special Thanks to Christina Sofina.  Article mention by Mike Weinberg. Music by VisionQuest Sound. 

The quarantine has got us stuck at home streaming everything now. America is not use to being the underdogs, especially when the enemy is invisible. What can we do to improve our lives and how can we help the world repair?
Facing Uncertainty Today  |  How To Stay Productive During The Quarantine

Virus Photo by Nik Brand
0:01 Chuck Norris gets the Corona Virus
0:10 Philip’s Intro
0:46 Jason’s intro – Pro Audio LA
2:22 CJ’s intro – Mackie Gear
3:27 How has the quarantine affected Jason
4:20 How has the quarantine affected CJ
5:36 How has the quarantine affected Philip
6:33 How to stay positive with CJ
8:14 Disaster and SBA relief
9:49 America’s under attack
10:02 Under attack with Rocky IV Work out
10:21 Philip closes down the studio
11:16 Podcasts vs video content
12:10 How often do you create content?
12:54 Hoarding toilet paper?
14:11 The planet Uranus
14:36 Jason’s high school teacher
16:20 Chuck Norris returns
16:37 CJ’s quarantine goal
18:38 Philip’s quarantine goal
18:56 CJ’s family’s first FaceTime
19:43 Jason’s quarantine goal
20:30 Future content with The Rattle LA
21:27 Please support our podcast
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