Facing Writer’s Block for Songwriters

Article by Vealy

So you started calling yourself a songWRITER… and you were on a roll writing these heartfelt and raw songs— but now you’re stuck. You can’t seem to start or finish anything that’s even close to being called a song.

Go outside!

Let yourself think about other stuff ! Look around! Did that dog owner not pick up his dog’s poopoo evidence? Why is the sky blue? And why is it sometimes pink? Who chose the sound of a car honk? Just go outside.

Do something totally different from just writing. This is what I like to call the input! Any machine that produces/creates anything has an input and an output. You can’t have input if you’re only writing and reading your own stuff! Go gather input outside of your home and trust that you’ll generate output soon!


write writing

Yes, you overcome writer’s block by writing ! Freewriting is writing without editing yourself for a set amount of time. Set your timer for 20 mins and write whatever is in your mind. This writing doesn’t have to be anything— doesn’t have to be poetic, or grammatical, or funny! Let your subconscious spill onto your paper (or your laptop).

Listen to a different genre of music!

If you’re used to listening to soft pop ballads while you write— try changing it up! Listen to some jazz, or hiphop, lofi. Switch it up! You never know what kind of inspiration you might get just from treating your ears to a different experience.

Create challenges for yourself!

Most often with writer’s block, writing feels a little like a chore. You’ve been writing the same kind of songs, same kind of posts, same kind of lines.Create new challenges to have some fun! For example, try writing a song with only 2 chords! Try to add some onomatopoeias in your songs! Write a song in third person!

Stop writing!

I know I said “you overcome writer’s block by writing”. But at some point, the brain is a desert island. So stop writing and start doing anything that’s creative, whether it be painting, dancing, editing videos, taking photos, making a meal!

When I’m stuck with writing, I move to painting while listening to folk music. That seems to be the oasis that supplies the moisture back to my parched brain! These are the tips that have helped me conquer my writer’s block. What about you? What do you do to conquer writer’s block?

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