How To Be A Valuable Artist

Article by: Sabeth Kapahu
VQS Advice Blog

1. How is your sound affecting people?

What do you really sound like when a new listener hears your music. Our voice sets us apart, from the sounds we produce to the impressions we leave behind. Practice each day on becoming aware of your unique personality, and the perspective you have of the world.

Is it putting you in a positive light? 2020 is a fantastic time to refresh your bio and revisit your goals on paper. What events and projects would you like your music to be heard at this year? How will it affect your audience? Write it down, put it on your mirror to review daily.

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2. What’s your value?

How much value would you like to contribute to the world? 75% or 110%? How do you find your value? It may take some soul searching. Write it down on paper. People need value and artists need to be valuable if we are to be successful. The way we choose to meet these needs for our audience will determine the level of success we experience. Practice daily by answering this question: Who is my audience? What value can I bring them? This will bring clarity to you and your audience.

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3. How innovative are you?

You and I are both creators. We must practice creating new things every day. Find a new road that leads home or a new way of making meaningful connections.  By nature, we are idea generators: innovators. Choose one aspect of your artistry that really needs to grow this year. Write it down on your top 10 goals sheet. Commit to creating change within yourself.

If you need help, ask supportive friends for ideas. You must keep your mind positive and motivated. Stay sharp by reading books, listen to empowering podcasts, and attend seminars. Change your internal question to, “How can I be innovative right now?”

4. How to Build Trust

When money makes the world go round and communication across cultural barriers is more open than ever before, the need for trust is immeasurable. Before we can build trust with our audience, we must learn to trust ourselves.

Trust your gut, and do not let the weight of comparison drag you under. Reflect on an area of doubt within your brand and seek to change that perspective. Ask yourself every day, how can I be more trustworthy to others?

5. How to Be Resolved

We have 24 hours in a day. Time cannot be stored. Change directions, think outside of the box, and lead the way. There is no crisis too big to overcome. Practice solving problems that are slightly outside of your field. This will help you grow as a valuable artist. Select one new person each week, and offer to help them resolve an issue. We are here to serve.


How will you utilize these tools and ideas to grow as an artist? I’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Sabeth Kapahu

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