Best of the Boutiques

– Los Angeles, CA

We are always on a quest for captivating stories about innovation and creativity. The NAMM Show’s Boutique Guitar Showcase introduced our team at VisionQuest Sound to a stunning line of hand crafted instruments from all around the world. We met up with many fascinating designers and luthiers who unveiled some mind blowing creations. Even better: the unique stories behind these masterpieces.

We were privileged to talk to Rapolas Gražys (Red Dot Award Winner) founder of Lava Guitars based in Vilnius, Lithuania. His ingredients: from exquisite maple and ebony wood to millennia-old amber, volcanic rocks, precious metals and even meteorites. By taking inspirations from natural, organic aesthetics and joining them with technology and design, Rapolas Grazys creates stunning musical art pieces for the world.

Now, how do these instruments sound? Well, you really have to have one in your hands to experience the magic. We got as close as we could to them. And yep, we filmed it!
So here is our video of the top 4 picks from NAMM’s boutique guitar showcase. Also, featuring Omer Deutsch (OD Guitars), Enrico (Di Donato Guitars), Michael Spalt (Spalt Instruments) and our host Christina Sofina.

Article by Philip Garcia

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