5 Ideas to Improve Musicianship And Creativity

Article by: Raya Dize
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What is music? Music is a real expression of your soul. In order to write compelling music, and transfer your heart to your instrument, you need to fully feel and be compassionate about the things that are happening around you.

What do you really want to express and what message are you delivering? Here are our 5 ideas to improve musicianship and creativity!

1. Feed Your Soul

Nurture your soul. Life is a constant source of inspiration to artists of all persuasions, that’s why you should get out and experience life. Go to theaters and museums, meet new people and try to understand what challenges they face in their lives, learn new life lessons, listen to some classical music, discover new places outdoors

Nature has a lot to tell you if you listen carefully (the ocean for example). Exploring the world around you will grant you numerous inspirational moments.

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2. Don’t Underestimate Your Ears

Listen! Your ears should be developed and trained. Ear training is too often associated with classes, books, or software. What if we made it fun?  We can start easy; go outside and find a place where you feel comfortable.

Close your eyes and pay attention to the different sounds that you hear and think about the details behind those sounds (pitch, timbre, velocity, etc.) This exercise helps you to hear yourself, and this is important.

Once you are familiar with the basic stuff there are plenty of ear training resources out there to help you work on technical ear training such as interval recognition, chords, progressions, etc.

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3. Emotional Connection With The Music

Songwriting. Pick your favorite song and ask yourself – what do you hear? Listen to each instrument in the track and write down all the emotions you are experiencing at that moment, and try to understand what techniques the artist is using and what exactly makes them special in relation to the track.

Maybe the artist is delivering the saddest lyrics through a happy and upbeat tempo song? Pay attention to these details so you can find your own key to songwriting. Write a journal on a daily basis and try to get to know yourself better. Later on, you will be able to use them for your lyrics.

4. Playing In A Band And Performing

Teamwork. It’s a mandatory skill to listen to other musicians in your band. Let everyone shine while performing or rehearsing. The participation of everyone will bring valuable growth and bonding to the team.

Let everyone speak up. Listen and respect their creative ideas and suggestions. It’s not always about the music, communication is important for longevity and successful relationships.

5. Lessons

Whatever you play – practice, practice, practice. Honing your craft is an unbelievably important aspect. Firstly, you will be more confident about yourself as a musician. If your financial situation is not great, you can also find various useful lessons on youtube for FREE.

Life is crazy and we all have bills to pay but it is critical to find time for your practice if you are truly devoted. There are no excuses.=) Prioritize things that matter. Time management is something you must learn and become disciplined to if you want to be successful.


How will you use these tools and ideas in your artistry? We’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Raya Dize

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