5 Lessons From Being OFF Social Media

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How to Free Yourself From Social Media Addiction Today

What if we didn’t use social media for 1 day, or 1 week?

Yes, It was difficult. Kinda tricky, but I made it happen. And it was 10 beautiful days of real connections that changed my life.

    1. Things Get Done
      How many hours do you spend on Instagram in a week? It’s addictive. It’s fun, playful and very interactive. The minutes scrolling on IG pile up and become hours, even days. Is that how you’d like to spend those hours in the waking part of your day? I dare you to check your screen time. I got way more things done without social media distractions. You will too.
    2. The Real Connection
      I always made excuses that I needed IG to connect with people. Yes, there’s some truth to that but it’s mostly an excuse. You wanna catch up with someone? Call them up and schedule a meeting. Build stronger relationships with people. Connect with nature. Go on a hike without your phone, the prize is worth it. We live in a world full of noise. Quiet time for reflection will bring peace, balance, and a beautiful connection to real life.
    3. Vision
      As upcoming artists, we can reinvent and reimagine ourselves until we figure it out. I made the choice of resetting my IG feed and making sure I see my artistry as a business instead of posting random stuff. It comes back to value. How are you serving your audience? What’s your real message?  How are you making real change?
    4. The Truth
      Do you really need to post that photo now? What’s the real intention: value or attention?
      Are you really expressing your art, or just living for approval? Your self-confidence will grow significantly as an artist when you do the 10 Day social media challenge.
    5. The Reward
      I learned to slow down. Without social media, there was no instant gratification. Without instant gratification (could that be what IG really stands for?), we’re forced to make something actually good, something worth it: real art.  It’s okay to slow down and think. It’s important to think before doing, and before saying.
Congrats! You made it this far! Now, I challenge you to go on the 10 Day Social Media Fast. Share this article with a friend. I promise you, it’s a gift that gift will keep giving.

Your journal will be very delighted. Your relationships will be more beautiful, and you will find pearls within yourself.

How will you use these tools and ideas in your life? I’d love to hear from you.
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