Using Your Artistry to Change the World

Article by: Skylar Reign
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What if I told you artists are not only able to bring entertainment, connection, and emotional relief to the world through music, but are also capable of impacting their audiences mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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Artists are uniquely gifted to reach the world with their art and we can harness these gifts to release healing, encouragement, and light into the darkness. Now more than ever the world is looking for real artists to emerge and illuminate the industry with joy and hope. Here are our top 5 tips to use your talents to make the world a better place!

1. Realize Your Influence

Your talents and gifts are not random, they were predestined before time. What you do echoes into eternity. There is no one on this earth like you and you can reach people that no one else can just by being yourself. Be encouraged and motivated knowing that you have the power to positively influence the world and help people through your creativity. You are powerful and have a purpose no one else can fulfill.

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2. Write From Your Heart

Be completely authentic in your writing. Humans are drawn to authenticity. Don’t water down your emotions or experiences. Being transparent with your story and lyrics brings true connection and relation to your audience. Your art is valuable and your perspective is needed. Don’t limit yourself or compare your work to other artists. Make originality your focal point and think about how your lyrics can be used to help others overcome and spark inspiration in whoever listens.

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3. Implement Progressive Lyrics

Express yourself and your emotions within your lyrics, but don’t dwell on negative aspects. Your words carry so much power; don’t use your writing to release word curses over yourself and others, but use them to impart life. Remember that words create worlds and meditate on this truth when songwriting. To really be a world impactor we must consider our effect on others. Intertwine your lyrics with what is lovely, pure, noble, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. True creativity includes being free from the agenda that the music industry pushes and breaking the norm.

4. Consider The Big Picture

Think about the overall goal of your song or project. Is its purpose to motivate? To uplift? To express? To entertain? Ponder what you want the audience to take away from your work and how it can affect them positively. Your artistry is a reflection of you and your brand so ponder what legacy you want to leave as an artist. What do you want to be known for? Focus on the final objective and dream big!

5. Be The Artist You Needed

Release art that you wish existed. Create things that would have benefited you when you needed it. Don’t become a clone of artists that are already out, dare to be different and offer what no one else can. The world needs your uniqueness and light, don’t be afraid to shine. Don’t compromise your values or morals to fit in the industry, raise the standard of the world itself. Promote admirable and noble causes that you yearn to see in the industry and release music that you would enjoy and gain from as a listener.


Your art is much more than just an amusing pastime, it is capable of changing the world as we know it. Art speaks where words are unable to explain and will live on past ourselves. Use your artistic powers to break through darkness with the highest form of human expression: faith, hope, and love.

Article by: Skylar Reign

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