5 Smart Tips For The Indie Artist

Article by andremustdie

Like it or love it, you can’t avoid learning and growing if you’re serious about pursuing music as a career. The journey of an indie artist can truly be a rewarding one. Here’s 5 simple ideas that you can put into action everyday, right where you are. Maybe even, right now.

Learn Music Production

In today’s DIY era, we can write and record music anywhere with a device and headphones. You can become a creative machine and always have relevant and great quality content.

Study The Business of Music

“Knowledge is power” will always be true. The more you know about the business and how record labels, publishing companies, distributors, managers, lawyers, and agents work, the more “powerful” you become.

Grow Your Brand And Be Valuable

Get your music out there first, before perusing a label. Grow your monthly listeners and viewership. You shouldn’t be thinking about record deals until your Spotify monthly listeners count is in the hundreds of thousands. 

Invest Wisely

Do research before you spend money on marketing, PR, playlisting, etc. A good principal is to get feedback from 3-4 different resources before you commit to anything. 

How Unique Are You?

How original and innovative are you? Do you sound like every other artist or band out now? It’s ok to use your influences to guide your art, but let your unique voice be the guiding light. You, as a music fan, should know when something is good and when it isn’t.

To recap, it’s the little things that add up here: Learn a little music production, study the business, grow your brand organically, invest wisely, and be unique. This is your time to start a new music industry. Your voice and influence matters. Help your team and bring value to every situation. You can start today. If you knew you could not faill, what would you do differently?
Article by andremustdie
image credit: Jefferson Santos

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