Where Has My Inspiration Gone?

Article by Emily Daccarett

With our heads preoccupied with the latest CODVID-19 updates, how can we even concentrate on creating?

We were blindsided by a global pandemic that has rendered most feeling useless. Where will we find inspiration now? Will we feel the excitement of wanting to create again? How can we create? These questions only make it harder to feel inspired, so let’s throw all of those questions out. Our mental health is a priority and you owe it to yourself to take care of it first. Now that we have a new perspective on things lets talk about some steps that can help Euterpe, the Greek muse of music, grace us with that sweet inspiration we crave.

Where Has My Inspiration Gone?

    1. Quarantine and Chill
      As we sit back and wait for the world to reopen, use this time to do things you always wanted to but felt it wasn’t worth the time wasted. You never know what discovery you’ll make! Start by looking for movies or shows you’ve never heard of or have been curious to watch and start crossing them off your list. Discover new artists on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.., or catch up on some reading. Use this time for discovery and before you know it, inspiration will hit. 
    2. Work With Your Hands
      Get your hands dirty! Now that you’re stuck at home, why not garden. Maybe plant some trees or start an herbs garden. Get creative in the kitchen, try new recipes, or create your own. Go through old pictures and start a scrapbook. Working with your hands is not only rewarding but it helps us clear our minds and focus better.
    3. Play A Game
      Give yourself a mental workout by playing games during the day. Not only can they be visually stimulating, but many video games have killer soundtracks. It offers escapism that helps take your mind off of stress. If you don’t have a game console, there are lots of fun game apps. I personally play Fate Grand Order every day, it’s a mobile RPG and its one of the most engaging mobile RPGs available, there is also Jackbox.tv which a whole group can play together via their cellphones, and of course classic board games. Find little distractions that help stimulate your brain and help it relax. 
    4. Work Out
      I’m a gym rat and love to work out. I remember the day I got the email that my gym was closed due to CODVID-19 is when I actually began to feel panic. I had already been social-distancing for 2 weeks and working from home, so having the gym helped make this process feel less suffocating. I have found routines on Instagram and YouTube that work for me at home and breaking them up throughout the day helps my body feel relaxed and limber. It feels less like a workout and more like a fun activity that breaks up my day. Maybe this is the time you pick up a sport or first ever workout routine. Exercise helps you relax, get better sleep, and prevents soreness from sitting all day long. Working out helps work though roadblocks in work as well!
Try to take the pressure off. Inspiration will find its way back to you. Before you know it, you’ll be working on your next hit! Sitting around worrying about not being able to focus on your music will not help you. Give yourself time to breathe. We are having to learn how to adapt to a new lifestyle and with more questions than answers, it can bring creativity to a halt. Let this be the time we use to better ourselves and get to really know ourselves.
Article by Emily Daccarett
image credit: Mikael Kristenson
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