Keeping a Positive Mindset During Uncertain Times

Article by: Carolina Lee Li
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How can we truly overcome anxiety and stress from the world?

How can we overcome anxiety and stress that leads to negative thoughts?

Our mindset is a collection of thoughts and beliefs that influences our thought habits and they can directly impact how we think, feel and what we do. During the pandemic year, maintaining a positive mindset has definitely helped me out to remain creative and productive. Today, here are our

5 Tips to Staying Positive During Uncertain Times

1. Practicing Positive Affirmations

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As simple as it sounds, practicing positive affirmations can make a huge impact in thought habits. Positive phrases and statements are usually used to challenge unhelpful thoughts and encourages self- esteem boost.

It’s a fact that we are what we believe and all we need to do is pick up an uplifting phrase and repeat it to ourselves. For example: “I am beautiful, talented and worthy of success”. I personally like to wake up and read positive quotes to keep myself inspired, motivated to reaffirm my confident state of mind.

Some great sources I use to find positive affirmation quotes are Pinterest and Instagram with hashtag #inspirationalquotes #positiveaffirmations or anything related to those topics.

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2. Practicing Self-Care

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The mind, body and soul are deeply connected

and taking care of our body is essential to contributing a positive mindset. Self-care can be considered to be any activity that takes care of our mental, emotional and physical health. For instance, working out can be an example of maintaining our body healthy and it’s proven that by exercising, endorphins are released.

Endorphins are considered the “happy hormones”,

which brings feelings of euphoria, well being by lessening pain and negative effects of stress. I personally love doing yoga and pilates as my core workouts! Other great self-care activities I enjoy doing are my beauty and make up routines.

Looking and feeling beautiful on the outside definitely boosts up my confidence. Lastly, other activities such as having a balanced diet by eating healthy or journaling can add up to the self-care routine! 

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3. Disconnect and Reconnect

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How often do you disconnect from the virtual world and reconnect with your inner self?

Nowadays, especially during this pandemic, the Internet has become our main source of network. We socialize through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, among other social media platforms, which is amazing cause it keeps us connected.

Our virtual life is essential and part of our reality.

However, with tons of misinformation on the media, is really easy to get lost, stressed and anxious during uncertain times. Therefore, taking time for ourselves while disconnecting from the virtual world is fundamental to maintain a positive mindset.

Meditating, practicing gratitude and breathing exercises have helped me out to overcome stress and anxiety. Living in the moment will help you to reconnect with your soul and cultivate a peaceful and focused mindset. I recommend listening to mindset podcasts to keep your mind and soul connected.

4. Staying Creative, Inspired and Productive

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Creativity is the route to being authentic.

And authenticity relies on our personal thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences. Directing our mind towards creativity can relief stress during hard times. Taking our time to use our energy to create something we enjoy makes us happy and improves our state of mind.

Try this:

So let’s write a song, let’s create a new beat or a new track! Or maybe choreograph a song that inspired us while listening to our favorite artists. Other options can be painting, drawing, designing or even cooking!

We can definitely get creative by making our own recipes of food! There are so many ways to stay creative and I personally love creating music, content, concepts, choreography and fashion statements that keep my productivity flow.

5. Bringing Value to People

Reaching mental, body and soul stability on a personal level can be really fulfilling.

But adding value to people’s life by spreading a positive mentality can be even better! Maintaining a strong mindset on our own takes practice and consistency. More so, sharing positive thoughts to the world generates a greater environment, as well as it improves the life quality in unity.

So let’s spread positivity to our community and make the world better, especially during this time, where positive affirmations are needed. Adding value to people’s life contributes to a personal feeling of accomplishment, because when we realize that our purpose is way higher than ourselves, our message becomes an influential reminder to the society that fulfills not only us as individuals, but the entire community as a whole!


Those were my 5 tips to maintain a positive mindset during uncertain times. I practice it on my own, but now I’m happy to apply the 5th tip by sharing them on this blog! Be safe and you are amazing, so own it!

Article by: Carolina Lee Li

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