5 Tips to Keep Your Vocal Chops Up

Article by: Linn Holmstedt | Author, Vlogger
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You’re doing a lot of live streaming, speaking, singing and your audience loves you. But your vocals could be better…a LOT better. Today, here’s tips to keep your vocal chops up.

Learn to keep your voice strong, even when you’re at home.

1. Dedicate yourself to music every day.

Find a stellar practice routine and stick to it daily or weekly.

For example – find your favorite warm ups and exercises that emphasize your weak spots and a song to practice. Make variations and add to them, but find a routine that works for you. Then dedicate your focus on singing while practicing!

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2. Get Organized!

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When we’re stuck at home in our pajamas, these tips can help you stay focused and organized.

  • Write things down
  • Make to-do lists
  • Find small routines
  • Create a little practice corner in your room!

Staying organized can make you feel more calm and collected and it keeps you motivated and empowered to create amazing work!

3. Keep it fresh and new

Make practice more fun, find new things that you can work on! Challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone.

Try something new every week:

  • A new genre
  • A new technique
  • Or a new riff

It’s easy to get too comfortable – especially when there’s no live shows or gigs to give you that little push.

4. Inspire yourself to create

Photo By: Emily Hafele

Find new artists and singers with a new sound!

Dig into their material and find something you’d like to try and sing yourself. Listen to their technique, what do you like about the way they’re singing? How can you spin their sound in your own way?

Research can be a great source of inspiration and will widen your views on the singer you want to be!

5. Practice self care for the ultimate music experience

As a singer, our body and mind is our instrument – it needs just as much love as any other instrument would!

Hydrate, take your vitamins and do the little things that makes you happy in the moment. Yoga or meditation is a great start to help set your mind at ease. Give yourself daily affirmations and manifest your success.

Remember to:

  • Dedicate yourself to music every day
  • Get Organized
  • Keep it fresh and new
  • Inspire yourself to create
  • Practice self care

How will you use these tools in your journey? I’d love to hear from you.

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