Understanding the power of music licensing

By: VQS Team

write writing

Music licensing is an underpopulated market for recording artists for two main reasons — one it can be extremely lucrative, especially if you target making music for commercials, AND two it can bring incredible exposure to any artist —- whether just starting out or already a huge star.

Most songwriters understandably write lyrics
about whatever they are feeling in the moment.

after all, it’s our “art,” right? When writing for sync however you may want to consider that usually, you want to keep your lyrics universal, gender-neutral, and based on feelings rather than actual events.

If your break-up song mentions that your girlfriend left you all alone…

on the streets of Louisiana with a couple of horses and a bucket full of hay (and you hate her for it), you can see that those lyrics would be way too random and specific to be used in a break-up scene. If you focus on how you feel after your girlfriend left you, however, you’re going to touch on some very powerful universal emotions.

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