The beauty of taking risks in music

By: VQS Team

light bulb creativity

Have you ever tried writing a new song and within say, 5 or 10 mins in the process, you completely throw it out the window thinking “this sucks!” or “It’s not good enough!” Sound familiar? Self-doubt can creep in so fast that new ideas brimming with potential aren’t given a chance at all. 

The creative process can look like a million different pictures, but it all starts with an idea.

Pick the ideas you like as you brainstorm and try them out. Don’t give up so quickly. Start somewhere and move forward with it. If it really doesn’t work out, fine, then move on, but…

give your ideas a chance.

If you keep throwing out every potentially good ideas so quickly before really seeing what it could turn into, you might get into the habit of doing so and you might be throwing away a really good song. Patience will benefit you and your ideas in the long run.

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