The secret benefits of being a mentor to others

By: VQS Team

Photo by Yan Krukov on

I’ve been an independent artist in LA for about 7 years, and one thing that started happening recently is I’ve accidentally stepped into a mentoring position for a few budding artists and started teaching songwriting to college students. At first, I was confronted with thoughts like “why me?” “what have I done that makes me deserve to be a mentor?”. But then I just gave into it and started having fun.

Being a mentor requires staying in your position as an artist.

If you are an experienced guitar player mentoring a budding one, you’re not going to feel like quitting when times get hard. Or maybe you will, but you’ll think of the person you mentor and how that would impact them.

You will be more likely to dig in and figure out how to push through, instead of taking a week off to find yourself and returning more lost than ever. Your mentees are counting on you!

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