How to enhance your co-writing skills

By: VQS Team

write writing

Check out the writing credits of the top songs on the charts…

and you’ll find that most of them were written by more than one person. The key to a successful song tends to be a successful collaboration, and the key to a successful collaboration is to be a great collaborator.

The best co-writers are the best LISTENERS

not the guy who solves the million-dollar word puzzle all on his own. Handing someone back their own genius is one of my favorite ways to write.

People have no idea what brilliant words and melodies come out of their mouths. We’re all insecure and think our ideas all stink. You, ever the listening and loving co-writer, need to be the ears that hear those gems and hand them back to the person that offered them up.

One of my favorite ways to write is to have someone talk freely on a subject that we’re writing about. Without censoring themselves or speaking with the intention to write a song, people often say the best lyrics! 

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