How partnerships can improve your music

By: VQS Team

teamwork hands
photo by Hannah Busing

A lot of creatives prefer working alone, they feel they are in complete control of their creative output. Sometimes they will share their work for constructive feedback, but they want to maintain ownership of their art.

Letting go of that sole control and being part of a team or partnership…

is a process where creatives can find new and unexpected ways for their art to blossom.

Creative partnerships should have a sense of honesty and openness.

Being transparent can apply to many aspects of the creative process including decision making, establishing goals, and resolving conflict.

In an environment where transparency is encouraged, we as The Sonic Writers feel comfortable sharing new ideas and thoughts openly with each other without personal resistance.

For example, when we give each other specific feedback on songs, we share what we think isn’t working and what can be done to improve the song. If we don’t see eye to eye, we have a constructive discussion to resolve the issue while being transparent about our own thoughts and opinions.

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