How to choose the right artist for your band

By: VQS Team

Whether you are looking for a singer to add a beautiful melody to your instrumental track, a drummer to join your cover band, or an original band to play your local album release show, there is always an uncertainty and hesitation involved with finding the “right one”.

In the music industry…

I see a lot of people throwing requirements out the window because of excuses like “oh, but he is an artist, he’s probably just having a bad day.” Or “all musicians are late, get used to it.” While it may be true that us creative types sometimes tend to be emotional and all over the place, we need to be responsible if we want to be professional.

Being in a working band is a real job.

If someone doesn’t live up to the requirements of the job, and if they are consistently doing that over and over again, they must be let go. This can be difficult when you’ve got a strong musical connection or friendship.

Remember this:

If you can’t move forward with someone, your creative space becomes extremely unhealthy.

Letting unprofessional people go will give you an opportunity to grow and invite someone new to come in and possibly move your ideas to the next level.

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