Effective Career strategies for Artists

by Carley Varley

Having an effective career strategy can make or break you as an artist.

It is so important to stay on top of your releases, social media, gigs and updated content. If you want to have a career as an artist, these are some of my strategies that I have implemented in my own career.

These tips below are things that I believe every artist should try at least once, they may not be for every artist but it’s important to try different strategies.

1. Why the location matters.

Firstly, move away from your hometown and try to spread your wings are far as possible. If you remain in the same place, you’ll play to the same people, play the same sets and end up feeling in a rut. You may make good money this way performing in the same venues who have you back, but you won’t get the exposure you really need as an artist.

Going to new places and performing, going to different locations and having people who have never seen you before watch your set, that’s a way to build a fanbase. Staying in the same place won’t really build your fanbase, you must keep moving and going to new places all the time and this is something I’d highly recommend as a career strategy. The further you go, the more people you meet, your following grows and the more chances of success you have as an artist. 

2. When to release music?

My second effective career strategy is to release music often and have a thought-out release including social media promotion. Releasing music every 6-8 weeks throughout the year is a great way to keep people engaged and sharing your music and thoughts behind your songs is a great way of keeping people focused on you too.

Don’t just release any song, take your time and really think about your EP or album and then people will get behind the message of it. Releasing music is the most important part of being an artist and this strategy ensures you are releasing material, performing and posting on social media. Being seen is a huge part of being an artist, tying into the first tip and going into my third tip.

3. Why image matters.

Your image as an artist should reflect who you are, and this is also an effective career strategy. If you look the part, if you have the brand this is a great way of getting your career off the ground. Image is huge thing nowadays; you have to look and act the part, and this is a huge part of being an artist.

An effective career strategy is having up to date photoshoots, music videos and posting on social media, having a theme that people enjoy. For example, I post content from my music videos, photoshoots and I tie it into my music by having my songs play in the background.

Having your image sells you most of the time and people will buy into you if they like the music and the image you put out, it’s an effective strategy to gaining fans and keeping them. 

4. Learn to collaborate.

Work with people as much as possible! Making connections is a huge and effective career strategy in music. Featuring on someone’s song and then it blows up on social media or featuring in someone’s music video and gaining attention this way. This all helps your career and the other artists career too. Working with other artists is a great thing to do, especially because it works for both parties.

I cannot stress enough how much collabs with other artists help and promote your career. It is also good to write with other artists and this can challenge your writing style and give you new ideas. Creatives often gel very well and so make sure to work with others.

Thank you so much for reading today! I hope these tips help you in your career as an artist. 

by Carley Varley

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