Musicians, During The Coronavirus, What Can We Do?

Article by Vika

It’s a hard time you guys. Many businesses are closing down; many people are sick. Everyone is worried about work, rent, their close ones…
There are many people that aren’t taking it seriously and I just want to say that even if you only think it’s a flu, and even if you think people are overacting and it’s overrated… there are many people that are in risk of getting sick and not everyone will get treatment – Please, take in consideration that this is not only about you. Respect the situation, be kind to others and let’s work together to get through this.

5 Things For Artists To Do During The Covid-19 Lock Down

    1. Reach Out To Bloggers
      This is the best time to reach out because their work is remote, and now they have even more time to open up emails and write reviews. Make sure you do your research and reaching out to bloggers from your genre and point of interest.
    2. Be Online. 
      Everyone is online right now! Use this momentum to be on social media and connect with others. Chat with fans that are in difficult countries, ask how are they and show support. Being on social media is part of our job anyway, and hoping that you are interacting with your fans anyway, now it’s a good time to share a mutual topic that isn’t about promoting your music.
    3. Share Your Opinion
      You chose to be a public figure and even if you are not a social artist, your opinion matters. Your listeners are watching you and want to know what you think, use this for the benefit and help. Don’t use your voice for bad – if your opinion is to go out and party because you think it’s nothing serious – keep it to yourself, it won’t help the world. But if you have an advice to give, tips for others to how to pass the time at home, how to stay safe and go through this – use this stage and help out.
    4. Work
      A lot of our work is from home anyway, performance is not all of our career. This is a great time to edit photos, videos, write new material, update your web and socials, practice, read books, watch documentaries. And you know what? REST. Sometimes we feel so guilty when we are resting, but now … when the whole world kind of stopped – maybe you could take the advantage and rest without feeling bad about it – cause resting it’s important and sometimes we forget.
    5.  Perform
      Who said everything should freeze? In 2020?!? There is so much you can do; do a live video of you performing from your living room, invite your viewers and make a thing out of it. Why not? Don’t want to do live? No problem … record a cover video, freestyle, play something, improvise, vlog … Show the fans your most natural environment, you are home, they are home – perfect time to bond.
How will you use these ideas during these challenging times? I’d love to hear from you.
Article by Vika
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