5 Reasons To Start Your Podcast Today


“If you are genuine, speak your truth and have fun; something positive will always come out.” – Alessa Ray

5 Reasons To Start Your Podcast

  1. Connect With Your Audience
    This is one of the most essential ones. Your podcast is your show and your space to be yourself, to talk about whatever you want and whatever you feel. So, people will get to know you better and there would be someone who will definitely feel related with your story. This would be your space to showcase your personality, your dark or your funny side and even vent your emotions. Your audience will feel they are your friends, which will be great for your career.
  2. Make New Friends
    This happens when you bring people you barely know to your podcast (which is the most exciting part). This can end up being weird or in a great connection. Either way there is always something you can learn from other people. This is when the most genuine conversation happens. If the person is enjoying the conversation you can make them feel super comfortable, good about themselves, which brings good energy to the show and would make the listener feel as if they are part of the hang as well.
  3. Awaken Your Creativity
    First of all, hosting a podcast can be very fun! You will definitely become a better speaker, which is very important for artists nowadays. Constantly speaking and listening to stories will awake your creativity, which you can use it in your writing, in your podcasting or in any way to create content. Is important to do things that can encourage being more creative. Your audience will love to see you being creative and having more things going on in your life. 
  4. Create New Opportunities
    If you do well on you podcast it can bring you a passive source of income. Nowadays artists make money not only with them music but also with podcasts, modeling, acting or even being a TV host like Fergie on The Four. You never know who can be listening to your show and what can come out it. If you are genuine, speak your truth and have fun something positive will always come out.
  5. Promote Your Music
    Of course, this can be a great way to promote your music. First of all, you can use your music as the main podcast song depending on what your topic is. If you have an upcoming single, EP or album or even tour you can promote as well. You can give all the information of your upcoming projects to your audience with a lot of intimacy. Podcasting and consistent communication with loyal listeners will help encourage and strengthen a musician’s fan base.
Article by Alessa Ray

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