5 Ways to Embrace Change and Growth

1. Seek Out  New Perspectives and Listen.
With social media today, any perspective in the world is available to us. Now is the time to seek out perspectives that we may have never considered before and listen to what those voices have to say. Take change as a learning opportunity.
2. Write About It!
I find the best moments of self-reflection and clarity for me are when I write. Whether it is in the form of a letter, diary entry, or new song, organizing thoughts on paper helps me to see the bigger picture and understand situations from outside of myself. It also serves as a record of growth and can be fun to look back on.
3. Think Positively.
Instead of focusing on how scary it can be to not know the outcome of tumultuous times, focus your attention on the good things that are happening as a result. Re-directing attention to the positives helps turn nervousness or even fear into excitement for what is to come and also helps one feel more in control of avoiding negative outcomes one might be nervous of.
4. Make a List.
This one ties in a little bit to writing about it and thinking positively, but I promise it is different. If things feel too overwhelming, make a list of what they are! Then categorize which things you can do something about and which things are out of your control. This helps with the acceptance of the things you cannot control and action with the things you can.
5. Reach Out!
One thing we can all agree on right now is that we are experiencing mass changes and that things are very uncertain right now. Connecting with friends and family helps serve as a reminder that we are experiencing this together and that, if connected, we can move the change in a direction we want to see. 🙂
Article by Marie Kingsley

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