5 Power Hacks For Social Media

Article by: Carley Varley
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How are you breaking through the noise and growing your social media audience?

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Today, we’re counting down our Top 5 Power Tips to succeed in Social Media

1. Which Social Media Platform is the Right One?

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People think they have to be on all platforms…

but spreading your energy across 6-10 platforms can be very time consuming. Focus on one platform at a time. I myself am on 6 platforms but my best ones on Instagram and Facebook are good because I have spent alot of time on them and added more as time has gone on.

You can also schedule posts to help if you are busy. Focus on one first and see where your fans are coming from and then add another social media platform. Scheduling apps are so helpful and can send you reminders too. 

2. What’s Really Trending?

It is important to keep and eye on what is popular.

It may be one week that a song you like it trending or an artist you love is trending and then you can cover the song. My example would be when I covered Game of Thrones song ‘Jenny of Oldstone’ and it got 1,000 views due to being a trending topic!

3. Stay active with making content!

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3 times a week maybe more, too much can get annoying at times! I stopped making covers for 6 months and it meant that my Youtube channel had NO attention. People cannot see you if you don’t put out content, try to post atleast once a week. Keep going and stay active!

4. Learn How to Stand Out?

Making your videos look clear is important

and making sure the caption is to the point and engaging. Funny posts do really well too! An example would be the baking Instagram/Facebook pages, they always make their food look amazing and clear! People will want to like it and comment! Keep making content and make it engaging!

5. How Do You Really Engage and Empower Your Audience?

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Making your platform personal can be tough but people want to know who you are!

I always post about gigs and music but sometimes people just want to see me as a person. People cannot see who I am when I am singing a cover song! Thank people for commenting or liking your video, engage with people because it brings people back to your page.

It is also so important to encourage other musicians/people in your field! Often people think you have to ignore your competition or someone in the same field as you but it isn’t the case. We need encouragement to thrive and create! The key is in the name ‘Social Media’ be social and engage with others and you’ll find you get more attention on your page and make some friends along the way.

Article by: Carley Varley
VQS Advice Blog | Mindset Tools for Musicians

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