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Hurt people hurt people. Love is the greatest power on earth; it reverses pain and suffering, it deters wickedness, and it changes outcomes. 

In today’s world it is so easy to only see the darkness, division, and disunity raging around us. This generation has seen first hand the evil that people are capable of, but what if there was a power greater than any evil we face. What if racism, hatred, malice, and slander were all symptoms of a deeper root issue? As people’s hearts are hardened before our eyes, I invite you to view the world through the lens of love and instead of becoming numb,


Imagine a world where people loved their neighbor as themselves. If we did unto another what we want done to us. If we loved and respected and honored everyone regardless of age, race, culture, etc. And most of all, if we loved the undeserving. 
The people committing the most evil today are the way they are because of the evil they once endured. We must remember hurt people hurt people. Love is the greatest power on earth; it reverses pain and suffering, it deters wickedness, and it changes outcomes.

I encourage you to be the change you want to see in the world, don’t be distracted by the media and the hate propaganda. There is so much good coming from this season. Justice is being served, strongholds are being torn down, old mindsets are being confronted and changed, things done in darkness are being brought into the light, and all of the shaking in this season is revealing truth.
Refuse to be in agreement with anything negative and instead speak life and love into our country and our future. Unity, freedom, peace, justice, and joy can still be our reality, but it must first become our inner reality. We must rid ourselves of bitterness, rage, anger, and instead be compassionate and forgiving towards each other. People must see there is a better way, a higher truth, and we have the capability to be an example to the world. We must understand we are here at this time, a part of this moment for a reason and we have the potential to shift the environment around us. Now is the time for leaders, peacemakers, innovators, and pioneers to arise to exemplify true values, righteousness, diversity, morality, and virtue.

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” – Martin Luther King

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