How to Rise Above the Social Media Competition

What if social media isn’t as competitive as we think it is?

1. Discover Your Uniqueness
2. Virtually Connect With Others
3. Be Genuine
4. Be Uplifting
5. Always Remember Your First Fans

What if the social media competition was the perfect place to reinvent yourself?Your audience wants to connect with your story more than ever. Here’s how to rise above the online competition and avoid discouragement.

1. Discover Your Uniqueness

Find out what makes you special!

With so many artists jumping online and the competition for attention rising, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But if you figure out who you are and what you bring to the table, you can find your niche and focus on what value you can bring to your audience.

Thousands of artists are focusing their attention on live-streaming and other virtual methods, but what makes you special is exactly what is going to bring people in. If you stay true to yourself (and stick to your chosen niche), you will find your true fan base.

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2. Virtually Connect With Others

With tons of virtual communication platforms and file sharing apps, we’re no longer limited by our ZIP code. Seek out others and brainstorm new ideas together.

We need external inspiration, thoughts, ideas, etc. We can’t just create within a void. You don’t even have to only reach out to other artists! Find businesses who are competing for the same attention and figure out ways you can work together to achieve your mutual goals.

3. Be Genuine

Being genuine should be a natural instinct, but with the social media competition, people are trying to change themselves for their audience. Don’t fall into this trap!

Be honest and open with your audience. People are comforted to know that even those they look up to are experiencing similar things.

Show videos where your pet steals the show while you’re trying to create, acknowledge the awkwardness of having to record in your shower or closet if your apartment is too small, or show outtakes of your videos/photos or behind the scenes.

4. Be Uplifting

Your audience wants to connect with your story and also wants to be inspired by you.

Music is the number one soul-healer and it’s a huge reason why many of us got into music in the first place. We’ve all gotten through difficult times by listening to that one song on repeat because it made us feel understood, comforted, or strong.

It is our job to help others through this the way we know best: through music. Create works of art that uplift people, not tear them down.

5. Always Remember Your First Fans

While we always want to be building our fan base to continue to grow on our music journey, don’t forget the ones who have been there for you since the beginning. Now is the time to solidify those connections and make them your super-fans.

Even the smallest gestures can go a long way. Whether it’s…

  • ♥️ Song dedications to some of your top supporters
  • ♥️ Fundraisers for certain causes (or maybe a specific fan who needs it)
  • ♥️ Free downloads or merch
  • ♥️ A personal note, letter or DM

It doesn’t have to be fancy, just whatever you are able to give. It truly is the thought that counts when it comes to this. Remember, the seeds you plant today, will be your harvest for the future.


Looking only at the short term will cause you to miss opportunities for long-term growth that can be made during this time through solidifying genuine relationships with your fans, publications, and other artists. Work hard, be flexible, and persevere. You’ve got this!

How will you use these tips in your life to rise above social media? We’d love to know!

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