What’s the secret successful co-writing?

By: VQS Team

photo by Levi Guzman

Many of us have the capability to birth a song on our own.

We don’t need someone else there to put pen to paper, to pour our hearts out onto the page…but the magic of co-writing is that another person in the room can bring out a song we didn’t know we had in us.

There’s something about combining ideas from each of our experiences that results in a voice that takes a life of its own, unique from its originators.

Not every co-write will be a musical match made in heaven.

I have had my fair share of co-writes where you feel like everyone has some kind of idea constipation, others where one person insists on their way or the highway. I’ve even walked away from a co-write in tears.

Just like dating, you never know what kind of musical chemistry you will have with another person until you give it a try, and that means taking a risk to work on a song that may never get finished; but that doesn’t mean that you should stop trying after one bad experience.

Keep in mind that a hair-pulling session says more about the dynamic between the people involved, not so much that “co-writing isn’t for me.” Your methods of creating may not mesh with everyone, and that’s okay.

There are so many talented individuals to make great art with, so don’t let one bad experience keep you from the countless number of good ones out there!

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