How do you connect with your audience?

By: VQS Team

group of people in a concert

You and I both know that your audience loves what you do.

In fact, they want YOU to connect with them in a way that’s meaningful and memorable. Sure we get nervous. We overthink things. But then there are those magical moments where we really connect and let our artistry shine. Studio recordings and music videos can be polished to perfection. But a live performance is real life. And we artists are here to help each other, right?

Know what you want to communicate with the music…

and how it relates to you and your audience. Finding a time in your life when you went through something similar to the song helps set the right stage.

If you haven’t gone through the exact thing, finding parallel situations and emotions can help connect you to the music as well. Imagining yourself in that scene or situation will put you in a space that is true to the music and will allow your performance to have greater depth.

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