What’s the secret to being an exceptional artist?

By: VQS Team

The clock is ticking and people are counting on you.

Songs need to be written, tracks need to be mixed. Social media is tempting, and so is the couch that we like to sit on. But the music still won’t produce itself.

As artists, you and I both know that it is our job to be creative. The more creative we are, the better it is for our career. The challenge is: our inner voice.

Usually, people tell you to watch your favorite musicians for motivation…

and keep practicing until you’re as good as them. Don’t get me wrong, that works, but sometimes we get discouraged. We can’t compare our “beginnings” to someone else’s “middle.” It’s time to try the opposite. Mentor someone who could benefit from some growth. We were all once beginners. Coaching and teaching your craft will help develop your leadership and motivate you to be a better artist.

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