Why vocals are important in mixes

By: VQS Team

Whether you’re finishing a demo at home or releasing a track to the world, one of the most important final steps is The Mix! A good mix is one that pulls the listener into the song, into the performance, and greatest of all…into the EMOTION.

Mixing a song is a creative process unto itself. I’ve heard it said that it’s a lot like cooking: You start with all the ingredients, but the end result is about the balance of those ingredients that creates a dish worth celebrating. Too much garlic can ruin your spaghetti, but just the right amount is essential to its success.

Vocals are recorded before the mix process…

but don’t ever forget- they are usually the most important part of any song, and usually the loudest in the mix. They’re the crux of all the emotion present. So do whatever you can to make sure they can be heard, legibly, at all times.

You can use EQ to bump up any frequencies that help it stand out in the mix, or to lessen any harsh frequencies that may keep a listener from wanting to turn up the volume. Using a parametric EQ plugin is helpful to see where these areas are and to experiment with your ears the differences in changes.

*Cool tip* Bus all the vocal tracks separately from all the musical tracks. Then very delicately carve out a small space in the musical tracks (as a whole) in the frequency range where the vocals are most present.

Now the vocals literally have their own space to shine. It’s like virtually putting the listener into the vocal booth with the singer. Talk about sweet emotion.

Learn more here

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