How to unleash your creative self

By: VQS Team

girl jump with guitar

What does it mean to be “Dangerously Creative”

in an age where women are still being viewed as a minority in the entertainment business? Well, in my honest opinion it is knowing that there aren’t any game rules when it comes to building your musical empire. And when someone tries to put you in a box…RUN quickly.

Your greatest investor is the one you look at in the mirror every day. Call the shots, make the moves and create something great.

Learn how to have time for your creative self.

Self care can be:

  • a beach day
  • a solo writing session in your own space
  • a creative day trip to an inspiring destination

It can even look like a small meditation in a very busy schedule and making sure to drink enough water (hydrate that voice!) and work out. Your growth as an artist is a process and hopefully will never stop.

As people we are constantly changing and our art grows with us.

You will be honing in on your musicality and developing through the ages; which is a beautiful thing. I believe that artists are athletes and athletes are artists, meaning we train and work incredibly hard on our craft daily. So make sure you are keeping up with your mental, spiritual and physical health so you can be your most dangerous creative self.

Learn more here

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