How to genuinely network in the music industry

By: VQS Team

multiethnic friends studying with notepad and netbook on grassy field

As artists, it’s easy to remember that making music is about creating connections with people when you’re onstage. You’re telling your story in the hopes that you can touch the hearts of the people out there listening.

But why is it so hard to remember that when we are out in the city trying to network with other people in this industry?

Many of my friends tell me that they hate “networking.” They say that it’s so cold and impersonal, that people are out there to use you. The moment they find you to be less than useful, then they’ll toss you aside and won’t spare you a second look.

If you emanate positive energy, people will want to invite you into their world.

If you don’t know what you’re doing in these social settings, that’s okay. Breathe, close your eyes for a second, and let your face relax into a smile. It can be really tough to infiltrate the naturally-formed cliques as a mixer carries on, but sometimes all it takes is a smile from the sidelines to be let into the circle.

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