How to create beyond your limits

By: VQS Team

photo by Matteo Di Iorio

Staying in tune with what’s current and fresh is vital
for making it in the music world…

However, the most iconic artists in every generation are the ones who took ten steps towards directions no one else seemed to be taking.

Pushing boundaries in creativity is what takes us from musicians to artists. Every once in a while we must remember why we create art. 

This is probably the hardest tip to comprehend, and the simplest one which requires no money, no tools aside from yourself and your ability to sit in stillness. Our lives are constantly bombarded with stimulation – from music, to social media, our relationships, our daily concerns, good ol’ Netflix.

So try this challenge:

Sit with yourself with no music, no distractions, for about two minutes and see just how far your mind wanders. 

Try for longer next time. No matter how long you can do it, the benefits of being in touch with our inner self can bring up insights we wouldn’t know if we’re constantly distracted.

Learn more here

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